Event Card Production

P3 is now located in Lima, NY and have been in the plastic card manufacturing sector for well over 50 years. We produce the cards in-house and we do not sub any work or processes. SwiftColor Inkjet cards can come in various sizes and thickness. We stock RFID chips for both XXL, XL, and CR-80 cards for a quick turn. Our friendly staff is happy to meet with you or discuss over the phone your event details to ensure we meet your expectations. If you are looking for a SwiftColor printer, we would be happy to recommend a dealer near you. Pre-printing, collation/RFID, lamination, die cutting and 100% quality control all under one roof! 

Design Services

In 2017, we invested in currency-grade software to design highly secure credentials in combination with DSS' anti-scan/anti-copy patent portfolio. We understand that marketing and security teams need to work in harmony. The backstage passes, on field visitors, etc. require authentication methods that will rule out counterfeiting and give you peace of mind. Best practices call for a visual feature (level 1) to be combined with an invisible feature (level 2) as counterfeiters immediately attack what is visible. To learn more about security features, please view our company catalog. Please let us know all of your concerns so that we can guide you toward a secure card that not only fits your budget but also deters counterfeiting.

Digital Printing

In 2016, P3 invested in a digital press for high quality pre-printing with a fast turn and small budget. We realize your events may not require 100,000 event cards and you should not pay for our equipment deficiencies. Now, we have the ability to hit press quickly with your artwork and gain valuable days in production due to the quick set up and lack of plastic waste. Our digital press also allow us to print variable data, including names, photos, barcodes and access rights on the event cards. Do not fall for paper printed and laminated cards, they are a counterfeiters dream. Enhance your plastic event cards with security features and pre-printing to ensure your event is secure and your brand colors are printed perfectly. If you need us to match a color, please let us know immediately and also send the match item to us at 1370 Rohester Street, Lima, NY 14485.

Quality Control

Simply put, we do not take short cuts. Card production takes weeks and the last thing we want to do is rush out your cards after hours of hard work. P3 visually inspects the cards one at a time by humans, not machinery. This does cost more but there is never a question about the quality of the product you receive. There will be no print defects, no debris and certainly no blemishes. We take great pride in you choosing us to be your supplier and promise you'll be happy with the results. Give P3 a call for your event card needs, you won't regret it!